Free Wifi hotspot in Punjab

pitb-696x435-696x357.jpgWifi is the need of the hour, hence the Punjab government took a good step by providing free wifi hotspot in three cities of Punjab. Firstly, Punjab Information Technology Board installed around 192 hotspots in three big cities of the province, including Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan. Moreover, internet coverage is being provided at an additional five hotspots throughout the two-kilometre length of Murree Mall Road. Secondly, each hotspot would cater to around 800 to 1500 users, depending on the traffic at the location; every hotspot would have four to five access points to provide 100 to 500 meters of internet coverage. Furthermore, hotspot has 1 MB of dedicated connectivity.Thirdly, this initiative was taken to facilitate shopkeepers and students. In addition, shopkeepers can use it to sell their products and contact foreign importers to buy their products and students in the areas such as a sales boy who goes to school can enjoy learning new things in leisure time. Therefore, the Punjab government has set a good example by  providing free  wifi in three cities of Punjab province, as wifi plays a vital role in our lives now.Wifi-City-Lhr-Pkg-21-04.jpg


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