Softec 2017

17203200_1016328778498168_8308038484642241214_n.jpgSoftec is a society at FAST-NUCES( National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences , Lahore, Pakistan which arranges an event annually with the same name; SOFTEC, SOFTware Exhibition and Competition, which contributes towards the advancement of technology and research in Pakistan’s IT industry. The event provides a platform recognizing talent, a forum for exchange of ideas and an opportunity for students with a passion in IT to interact with professionals from all over the globe and win exciting prices. Softec compromises of engineering project competition,software and web competitions and Robo rumble and Gaming. Engineering project competition as the name suggests is  a competition in which students from various institutes display their projects.

Technological projects are displayed by students from different institutes from around Pakistan in the Engineering project competition. First of all, projects related to electronics, computer science and electrical engineering are on display such as bionic hand,virtual music library and automatic electricity system. Moreover, students must display a working prototype to display how it is beneficial? Secondly, if the prototype displayed is found suitable it is picked for further development. Furthermore, idea of the student is bought or a job or partnership offer is made to get the student on board. The software and web competition is of significance importance .17424686_1025411827589863_1560363173517382070_n.jpg

Software and web competitions are noteworthy. Firstly, it allows students to know how well they know the language and their work. Moving forward, students gain experience of team work as they have to work in a team. The second fact is, students get to learn new things. Moreover, they get to know how to solve a particular problem and learn what type of problems are there that they will have to deal with. Every computer based event is incomplete without a bit of gaming  and robo rumble!

Robo rumble and gaming enhance the joy of students. First of all, the students enjoy computer & console gaming and relax from their tiresome routine. Moving forward, gaming makes them learn strategy making hence it is important part of our lives.The second thing is, robo rumble is so interesting to watch. Furthermore, robo rumble is using robots and organizing fights and seeing which robot is well built and programmed.IMG_0002.JPG

To conclude, Engineering projects ,software and web competitions and Gaming and Robo rumble are main parts of the event which we know as SOFTEC. More competitions like this should be held to help youngsters gain valuable experience.


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