Silicon Valley in India


The city of Bangalore in India is known as Silicon Valley because it is a hub for Information Technology companies in India and is a comparative reference to original Silicon Valley (San Francisco, California).

It was first started by R. K. Baliga who was first managing director and chairman of Karnataka Electronics Development Corporation. Baliga gave the idea of making the Electronic City in 1970 which was supposed to be developed in Industrial Park in Bangalore.

Then the growth of internet based companies resulted in ‘dotcom boom’, ‘flipkart’ etc. the term “Silicon Valley” for Bangalore grew in media with passage of time. Then an article was published “Is the Next Silicon Valley Taking Root in Bangalore?” in New York Times in 2006. An article speculated if the Bangalore could become Silicon Valley but now stats shows that it has become Silicon Valley of India.



What is PlanX??


PlanX is Pakistan’s first accelerator of its kind which is initiated by The Punjab Information Technology Board. it promotes sustainability of technology startups in Pakistan.

PlanX empowers startups by providing different funding channels, a network of mentors and global exposure to high end business. The main goal is to bridge the gap between technology and business by providing and felicitating with mentors,  investors and global market.


At PlanX, a unique acceleration model is followed where a a domain expert is assigned to each startup along with a business development associate who takes care of investment deals and increase customer base.

In this project, startups are not charged any percentage equity. PlanX has supported many startups which are as follows





New Tech Products Launching in 2017

Foldable Samsung Phone

Samsung has been working to introduce a foldable phone for some time. Now 2017 seems to be the year when Samsung launches this phone. Recently Samsung has files a patent for such device, giving speculations that we can this in 2017.

Source: Business Insider

A Smartwatch by Google

Source: Business Insider

Google delayed its big update for Android wear till 2017. Now the company wants to launch its own smartwatch.

Google is more interested in circular design for its classic look, the category which has been dominating on Apple watches from the beginning.

A New Surface Pro

Source: Business Insider

We did not get any new surface pro in 2016. Now that is first time we did not get any new device in surface pro series. So it is right to expect update in surface line.

Surface pro is 2-in-1 series laptop which is very useful for students as well as business use.

Xbox Project Scorpio


Microsoft going for a huge update for Xbox with its project Scorpio.

In this project, company is going to make Xbox more powerful for 4K TVs and virtual reality headset like Oculus Rift.

This console aims at gamers who prefer performance over anything. This is expected  to be launched in fall of 2017.

Lucid Air

Source: MKBHD

Lucid Air is an electric car with its beautiful design and advanced specifications. Lucid motors is trying to show that it will not only be a contender in electric motors but entire luxury vehicle market.

Source: Lucid Motors

Lucid Air starts from $52,000 but can go up to $100,000 having the luxurious touches: a panoramic sunroof, two rear seats that can be stretched at 55 degrees and an audio system with 29 speakers.

Source: Lucid Motors

It has range of 315 miles with 1,000 horsepower. It is not a hatchback but advanced design of a sedan. It has sleeker futuristic design but very spacious interior.

It has 3 digital screens along with a big screen and a console for rear seats to adjust its positions. Seats can be adjusted to 55 degrees and person can see outside view from panoramic sunroof. This sunroof will be tinted to prevent heat getting inside.

Source: MKBHD
Source: Business Insider

It supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Peter Rawlinson, chief engineer behind tesla model S, is the leading force in this model as CTO of Lucid Motors. The car is still ways away but the company will begin producing this car in 2018.

Microsoft Pakistan


Microsoft Pakistan is playing a very important role in IT field of Pakistan as being a large platform for talented people in Pakistan. Microsoft solutions are used in Banking, Telecom, Government, NGOs, Small Businesses, Education and Health, through which Microsoft is touching the lives of everyone in many ways.

Microsoft conducted imagine cup that won by LUMS team in local finals and then this team went to Paris to compete with other teams internationally. The purpose of this competition is to provide chance to talented people.


Similarly Microsoft initialized a program with name of Microsoft Dynamics. This program provides solutions for automated and streamlined financials supply chain processes and customer relation management to drive business growth.


Microsoft Pakistan is also working to come up with a unified approach to work interlinked operation. For this purpose Microsoft Pakistan has planned a series of round table discussions with government stake holders on the topic to get feedback from government stakeholders.



Bixby is new artificial intelligence introduced by Samsung. This is the new feature first time introduced in Samsung flagship phone Galaxy S8.

There is dedicated button for it. According to Samsung it will revolutionize the way we use our phone. It can be used by voice, touch or text.



You can interact with bixby via camera. Bixby vision will provide you information about the thing you have captured. If you want to know the price of that thing, it will provide you all the information including the site and nearest store from where you can buy it.

Bixby reminder is also new feature which is based on location. For example when you get home it can remind you about watering the plants.


A very convenient feature of bixby is that it can understand natural language. It means you do not have to say set words, you can say incomplete information and it will understand it at its own.

Bixby is contextually aware. It means that it can understand the state in which mobile phone is like which app is open and then take actions accordingly and can accommodate both mix typing and voice commands.

At first it is launched in Korean but it will be expand in English then Chinese and soon it will be integrated in different apps also.

In future we can expect it to control AC, TV and other things also.

Note 7 Blast

Samsung Note 7 explosions were caused by defects in the battery, now the company has released detailed investigation for this incident.

Samsung had to issue 2 recalls, the first one was in September after launch then in October. First time Samsung blamed batteries manufacturers, and changed companies but then again this happened.

First time the defect was told as problem in design and as Samsung says, “the negative electrode was deflected in the upper right corner of the battery,” this is an abnormality.

Source: Samsung


Another investigation by UL, which is a global independent safety science company, found signs of “internal short circuit (ISC) at the upper right corner of the cells from 6 damaged devices.” This report also found a pattern of deformation at upper corners of the battery. The agency blames factors in battery manufacturing and assembly for the failure of the Note 7.

Then for second time Samsung says “high welding blurs on the positive electrode” which caused damaged to the insulation tape and separator, and once again the positive electrode was touching the negative one, resulting in the short-circuit.

Source: Samsung

But now Samsung has announced an enhanced 8-Point Battery Safety Check for safety of batteries used in their phones. The list includes enhanced durability, visual inspection, X-Ray Test, disassembling test. New measures include Charge and Discharge Test, TVOC Test and Accelerated Usage Test.