IDEATHON is a HACKATHON that is being organized this April by IEEE-CS department at FAST- NUCES( National University of Computer). First of all, IDEATHON deals with ideas. Moreover, it inspires students to think about solutions of problems. Secondly, it is design base not prototype based event. Furthermore, the competition is not about just recognizing the ideas but taking the ideas to the next level and an effort to make entrepreneurs. Lastly,  the judges decide the best solution and the candidate is given a prize. In addition, the candidate is given a chance; the judge is from a software house and buys the idea or offers the candidate a job. A HACKATHON, IDEATHON by IEEE-CS is coming this April.


Softec 2017

17203200_1016328778498168_8308038484642241214_n.jpgSoftec is a society at FAST-NUCES( National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences , Lahore, Pakistan which arranges an event annually with the same name; SOFTEC, SOFTware Exhibition and Competition, which contributes towards the advancement of technology and research in Pakistan’s IT industry. The event provides a platform recognizing talent, a forum for exchange of ideas and an opportunity for students with a passion in IT to interact with professionals from all over the globe and win exciting prices. Softec compromises of engineering project competition,software and web competitions and Robo rumble and Gaming. Engineering project competition as the name suggests is  a competition in which students from various institutes display their projects.

Technological projects are displayed by students from different institutes from around Pakistan in the Engineering project competition. First of all, projects related to electronics, computer science and electrical engineering are on display such as bionic hand,virtual music library and automatic electricity system. Moreover, students must display a working prototype to display how it is beneficial? Secondly, if the prototype displayed is found suitable it is picked for further development. Furthermore, idea of the student is bought or a job or partnership offer is made to get the student on board. The software and web competition is of significance importance .17424686_1025411827589863_1560363173517382070_n.jpg

Software and web competitions are noteworthy. Firstly, it allows students to know how well they know the language and their work. Moving forward, students gain experience of team work as they have to work in a team. The second fact is, students get to learn new things. Moreover, they get to know how to solve a particular problem and learn what type of problems are there that they will have to deal with. Every computer based event is incomplete without a bit of gaming  and robo rumble!

Robo rumble and gaming enhance the joy of students. First of all, the students enjoy computer & console gaming and relax from their tiresome routine. Moving forward, gaming makes them learn strategy making hence it is important part of our lives.The second thing is, robo rumble is so interesting to watch. Furthermore, robo rumble is using robots and organizing fights and seeing which robot is well built and programmed.IMG_0002.JPG

To conclude, Engineering projects ,software and web competitions and Gaming and Robo rumble are main parts of the event which we know as SOFTEC. More competitions like this should be held to help youngsters gain valuable experience.

Free Wifi hotspot in Punjab

pitb-696x435-696x357.jpgWifi is the need of the hour, hence the Punjab government took a good step by providing free wifi hotspot in three cities of Punjab. Firstly, Punjab Information Technology Board installed around 192 hotspots in three big cities of the province, including Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan. Moreover, internet coverage is being provided at an additional five hotspots throughout the two-kilometre length of Murree Mall Road. Secondly, each hotspot would cater to around 800 to 1500 users, depending on the traffic at the location; every hotspot would have four to five access points to provide 100 to 500 meters of internet coverage. Furthermore, hotspot has 1 MB of dedicated connectivity.Thirdly, this initiative was taken to facilitate shopkeepers and students. In addition, shopkeepers can use it to sell their products and contact foreign importers to buy their products and students in the areas such as a sales boy who goes to school can enjoy learning new things in leisure time. Therefore, the Punjab government has set a good example by  providing free  wifi in three cities of Punjab province, as wifi plays a vital role in our lives now.Wifi-City-Lhr-Pkg-21-04.jpg

A review of READINGS book store



Readings is a unique bookstore, based in Gulberg, Lahore. Firstly, to talk about unique, why is the bookstore unique? Furthermore, the book store is unique because it is rather a library than a bookstore, with the racks that are put at a library, the same arrangement and organization of books found in a library. Secondly,  it contains a good amount of books, ranging from 6-9 to books on artificial intelligence and novels of renowned authors like Paulo Coelho and Enid Blyton. Moving forward, books are organized as mentioned before in by sections which makes it easy for the reader to find a specific book and enjoy reading it. Thirdly, it also sells old books at a reasonable price and in good conditions which is a treat for the avid readers belonging to the middle class. In addition, one more advantage is that you can easily sit on a comfortable cushion and read the books without anyone telling you to buy it. Lastly, it has a small coffee cafe, where you can take your book and read it with your cup of coffee or tea. Therefore, located in Gulberg, Lahore, Readings is a marvelous bookstore and one of it’s kind.


Apple Mac vs. Windows PC


Is the battle between MAC and  PC over? No, and it both the competitors don’t seem to give up.Although, Apple Macintosh computers and a PC running Microsoft Windows both provide good services ,differ in terms of price,  security and operating system.Price is an important factor which one sees while buying  a computer.

The price range is often the most effecting. First of all, The vast majority of PC’s and their peripherals today are cheaper. Furthermore, PC is cheaper as different parts can be bought from different places, for example buying  a keyboard from another store and a monitor from another and buying one thing cheap and using the money saved to buy a better version of another part. On the other hand, an Apple computer, its peripherals, upgrades, and repairs are often more expensive than a PC. Of course, Apple computers are usually built pretty well, with quality components. Security is  one of the most essential options that a computer must have.

A computer should be well equipped in terms of securing data. Firstly, Many people today are using computers running some version of Microsoft Windows, which makes it a large target for attackers. Moreover, Windows computers are very susceptible to viruses and malware, especially if not protected by an antivirus program. The difference arises as Apple Macintosh computers are less vulnerable to viruses and other malware. However, viruses are beginning to target Apple computers due to the lack of experience that manufacturers have when it comes to fighting viruses on the Mac operating system. Operating system, is the main aspects which should be discussed while comparing the both.

Different operating systems are provided by both Apple and  Windows which helps us differ in them. First of all, Microsoft has improved its operating system with Windows 7 and Windows 10, many PC manufacturers are still attach dozens of pre-installed programs.In addition, with this extra software and drivers from dozens of manufacturers, the Windows operating system can be slower in performance and less stable. In contrast, The Apple Macintosh operating system is often a much cleaner, faster performing, and more stable operating system than all versions of Microsoft Windows.Moving forward, it lacks some useful pre-installed programs.

To conclude, despite, both provide the user with a good experience Apple Macintosh and a PC running Windows operating system have many differences when it comes to price, security and operating system.


Plan9- PITB’s Tech Incubator is known as Pakistan’s largest technological incubator. Firstly, Plan9 is supporting more than 80 startups, the most that any tech incubator is supporting. Moreover, it supports the motivated people and gives them a  chance to start-up business rather than running after jobs and startups such as Hybrid Signals,Pantera Engineering and WifiGen are examples of the various startups which Plan9 supports. Secondly, you can start with even a prototype. In addition, the idea is important, that is does is solve the issues?If it does, even a prototype will be given a chance .Thirdly, the best idea gets the chance. Furthermore, the team at Plan9 is not seeing who looks better or is from a good background, it observes which idea is best. Lastly, many startups related to IT sector are given a chance which leads to advancement of technology and software sciences in Pakistan. Moving forward, Plan9 is introducing it’s 9th cycle this year in winter 2017. Plan9 – PITB’s Tech Incubator provides a unique environment in which business start-ups can grow and thrive.L9.jpg

Why Pakistan has the tendency to become the next “SILICON VALLEY”?

silicon-valley.jpgSilicon Valley, in the southern San Francisco Bay Area of California, is centre of many start-up and global technology companies. Google, Apple, Facebook are among the most prominent. Now, how does Pakistan have the tendency to become the next centre for these companies?Pakistan can become the next Silicon valley because it is a pool of talent,there is growing acceptance of technology and investors from around the world are ready to invest.Pakistani people are talented,as they do what they do with heart.

Pakistani People concentrate on their work and give their 100% towards the assigned task, hence they are quite talented. Firstly, alongside graduates and PHD doctors, school students are also inclined towards technology. Moreover, recently during a competition conducted at FAST university, students from various universities,colleges and schools presented models of their ideas. Secondly, universities such as FAST, UET, LUMS and NUST are providing quality engineers.Furthermore, Since 2012, hundreds of girls are learning technology as part of the Pakistan Social Association (PSA), hence the the number of female interested in the field of technology is growing widely. Pakistan is accepting technological advancements.

Pakistan supports technology and takes benefits.First of all, Pakistan is home to a fast-growing online community.Moving forward, There are more than 30 million Internet users in Pakistan, with half of them either using it for studies or research work.Secondly, According to a survey by, Internet penetration in Pakistan has reached 16%, and the country is estimated to be the fifth-largest mobile market in Asia. Furthermore,a couple of  mobile company startups have also been observed. Seeing the dedication towards technology and acceptance of technology investors are ready to invest.

Investors find the interest of Pakistani people in the field of technology  intriguing, hence they are willing to invest in different projects and startups. firstly, Tech incubators and accelerators such as Plan9 and Invest2Innovate are connecting companies with angel investors, funding and business opportunities worldwide. Moreover, ideas proposed by the Pakistani people are good enough to invest in, for example, a couple of students designed a prototype for a Bionic Hand, at the university engineering project competition I mentioned before. Secondly, Google recently chose a Pakistani-based company, Eyedeus Labs, to participate in an immersion program for startups at its headquarters in Silicon Valley last summer.In addition, The company is a university-based spin off that developed a popular photo app, this shows that investors such as Google are interested in Pakistani scientists.

Due to talented scientists , growing rate of acceptance of technology and investor’s interest Pakistan has the tendency to become the next Silicon Valley.Pakistan is  an underdevelopment state and  should be given a chance.